The purpose of the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry (FQHR) is to preserve and protect the working cow horse bloodlines. The Registry recognizes those first 27,000 horses registered by the American Quarter Horse Association. True Foundation Quarter Horses carry at least 75% Foundation blood with no registered Thoroughbred closer than the 4th generation. Keeping and preserving the bloodlines is, and will continue to be, the goal of the Registry.

The FQHR was founded by people who believe that the more Quarter Horse blood a horse carries, the more Quarter Horse traits it will exhibit. Those traits include a high degree of intelligence, a calm, quiet, kind and willing disposition, and a heavily muscled body with a low center of gravity carried on sound bone and feet.

A little about the Kansas Affiliate.....
The Kansas Foundation Quarter Horse Registry Affiliate (KFQHRA) was begun in Salina on March 1st, 1998 by twelve dedicated foundation horse owners. By 2005 membership had grown to over 600 members. Membership includes horse owners, breeders and exhibitors from across Kansas, over a dozen other states and Canada. Throughout the year KFQHRA conducts 4 weekend shows in Lyons & Kingman. All shows are designed to support the FQHR vision in a competitive yet fun family atmosphere. Other KFQHRA events have included clinics on breeding programs, horsemanship, showmanship, cutting and cattle handling techniques.

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